Monday, January 20, 2014

Around Town ~ la traversee de Paris

I recently posted a (growing) list of fun things to do in and around Paris.

The proposed list has less to do with rediscovering famous sites than it does in trying to uncover the slightly, though some might say extremely, odd and out of the way places and events.  I figure that the well attended Tourist Sites have been well covered for generations by better people than I.  If I happen to cover one of the Pickpocket Magnets, it will be from a unique, perhaps little known, perspective.  In short, I want to share some of the wonderful things that no Tourist Guide covers and things I found after Diligent Digging or Stumbling Happenstance.

My photography blog will cover des trucs from the perspective of a camera equipment gear-head.

For this, the first entry of Around Town, I present la traversee de Paris hivernale 2014.

If you can imagine 600+ Voitures Anciennes (old cars) invading the streets and disrupting the Normal Flow of Traffic, if you can imagine Taking Time to talk with car owners who are happy to share their latest addition to their Gods Gifted Supercharged! Guzzi-Powered Triking, and if you can imagine it's only 09h00 on a Bitterly Cold Sunday morning where baguette, wine, and cheese are required fortifications half way around the circuit, you'll have a good handle on what la traversee is all about.

La traversee is hosted by the Association Vincennes Anciennes.  Members seem to have a wonderful sense of good humor and know how to have great fun.

People who enjoy old cars can watch them go by at many points around the circuit.  If the past two years hold true for the future, the event begins at Oh Dark Thirty at the Chateau de Vincennes, heads Up The Hill to Montmartre, slithering downtown to park and spend seemingly hours at Ultra Swank Uber She-She place Vendome, before blasting up the Champs Elysees, down to the Trocadero, around Gustave Eiffel's tour, Showing Off along the Blvd Saint Germain des Pres before jumping Pont Sully on their way back to the Chateau de Vincennes.

This year, while we were a little light on Bugattis and 1930's Formula One Alfa Romeo single seaters, we were entertained instead by Big American cars (notice I did NOT say fat, no, I did not), early (and I do mean early) French voitures, as well as a few tasty Ferraris (new and old) and Aston Martins (where the British were well represented).

For the second year in a row, I was surprised and delighted that wet weather was held at bay by the Touring Automobile Weather Gods.  As I mentioned, it was brutally cold.  After watching a couple old square riggers make good time over Pont Sully on their way to la place de la Bastille, I could see that a good thick fur coat has it's place in life.

If a person can't get enough of old cars and if they happen to be in Paris in late July, the Association Vincennes Ancienne will be hosting the summer version of la traversee.

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