Sunday, June 9, 2013

In search of creativity in the City of Light...

Jude and I were invited to a book signing party.

What started as an innocent night out ended with a deeper appreciation for taking the opportunity to get out of the apartment and mingling with the locals.

Etienne Barillier and a co-author, our friend, Arthur Morgan, were hosting a book release and autograph party at les blouses blances over in the 12th.  Their book, le guide steampunk, came hot off the presses.  Morgon told me they'd arrived just that morning.

I couldn't imagine so many Parisians dressed as Victorian Steampunk.  Yet, there they were.  All bellied up to the bar and spilling into chairs and sofas that took up more than half the cafe.  I was thrilled.  These were people I've been searching for since the day after we debarked the aircraft that ferried us from our former home.

We spoke with as many people as we could, including one strapping gent kitted out in a kilt.  Huh.  First time I'd seen someone (not busking) dressed as a Highlander.  I said as much, shared that I wished I hadn't sold my kilt, and thus started the first of several great conversations.  It turns out, Mister Whyte is a fine photographer in his own right.

After buying a vin rouge pour ma femme et de la biere pour moi, we settled into a couple of stools next to the bar.  The 20-something crowd likely didn't know what to do with two old people.  We were content to hang around the edges of the crowd and talk with whomever happened to come by.

One gent who was more about our age (that is, distinctly not quite yet an ancient, creaking, mess of bones and old persons ideas, but certainly older than the youngsters) handed out flyers for their next concert.  It turns out, he is featured in le guide steampunk.  It was another good conversation which lead to the exchange of carte de visite.

This morning I read my email to find Victor Sierra had contacted me.  Another conversation ensued and the next thing you know, we have something to look forward to in July with he and his wife as well as an opportunity to share his creative vetements with my camera's lens.

I'm enjoying thinking about the possibilities for creative expression.  Art and life further merge.

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