Monday, July 2, 2012

Scientific reasoning applied

We may be on the cusp of making a huge new scientific discovery.  If the current evidence holds, we should be able to make an announcement soon.

Ahead of that, it might be worth considering the Scientific Method.  First, we observe a phenomenon that might not fit existing frameworks of reality.  Then we create a hypothesis, test that hypothesis using evidence and information, and then refine the hypothesis as new data emerges.

This early morning, at 1:57am, I observed something which may well deserve further investigation.

As with many recent adventures in Paris, I was awakened out of a deep sleep by an annoying sound.  In what has become an unpleasant emerging pattern, I swung my legs out of bed, made my way to the window, and opened the curtains to find the source of the noise.

Something must happen to Paris after the sun goes down or after a big football match (it had been Spain vs Italy earlier in the evening).  The city transforms itself and majick must be more easily manifest.

I am reminded of Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris" where strange unexplained things happen.  Only, it was 1:57-freak'n AM in the gawd-forsaken morning, and not midnight.  Woody obviously does not live here.  Either that or a movie titled "1:57am in Paris" would have been a little awkward.

Passy at Dusk

Paris, near the Transformation Hour

The noise source was readily apparent.  A large ant-like creature was sitting in the middle of the intersection of rue Chardin (named after Teilhard de, no doubt) and rue Beethoven.  It had extended it's huge claw and strange sling structure extended and seemed to be seeking food.  It's too early to tell if the structure was a well-adapted antenna or some other not yet described biologic appendage.  Further inspection will be required for proper classification.

Like many creatures who inhabit Earth, this ant-like being was attended in some form of symbiotic relationship by fat squishy looking mites (parasites?).  They were tan in color, large of belly, and were marked with bright yellow stripes down their backs.  No doubt, these stripes are used to warn potential eaters that these mites (parasites?) are lethal.  Which really means they'll like taste really good after roasting over an open pit fire.

While the large ant-like being stretched it's claw to find a white over black Mini-Cooper (BMW manufactured vintage) to it's liking, the mites (parasites?) seemed to run around attending to other ant-like beings and expressing concern over who might be observing them.  No doubt, the mites (parasites?) were concerned about being found tasty.  They were quite animated in their gestures and motions.

The large ant-like being had placed the white over black Mini-Cooper on it's back in a motion reminiscent of the much smaller leaf cutter ants found in the forests of Brazil.  The mites (parasites?) sensed the ant-like being was ready to move on, so they scrambled back onto their hosts.

At this point I could observe several things of interest.  This was actually a group of three food seeking ant-like beings.  The first being had already gathered it's food and was moving up rue Chardin.  The second had just finished collecting it's food.  A third being, as of yet unsated, followed the first two around the corner and up the street.

Study in Platinum

Is this the Paris Transformation Portal?

Here are my rough observations -

Large ant-like creatures come out at night (1:57am, to be exact) to collect Mini-Coopers.  They do not seem to eat them in place.  Rather, they were seen hauling these Mini-Coopers away for consumption elsewhere.

These large and previously undescribed by science ant like beings are attended by large bellied squishy looking mites.  While somewhat agile, their size and girth appear to render them easy prey for mite eaters.

Here are my questions - 
Why Mini-Coopers?   Might the answer lay in a prior observation that involved the playing of Angry Birds, expensive restaurants, la police, and the quiche pre-cursors called eggs?

Here is my initial hypothesis -
At some yet to be understood point in time, Paris allows weird and strange creatures to be seen by mere mortal humans.  These creatures appear to include large ant-like beings that carry BMW manufactured Mini-Coopers away from cross-walk marked street corners.  It is quite likely, therefore, that a nest of as of yet undetermined size contains a queen who eats Mini-Coopers.  If I were a betting man, I'd put money on the fact this nest will be found somewhere in the vicinity of Paris, France.

Bentley ~ Double Parked for Dinner

  Are Bentley's smart enough to avoid consumption?

There you have it.  The development of a scientific proof based on a hypothesis.

Stay tuned for further developments, information, and discoveries.


  1. and, i thought early morning garbage collection was a problem........

    1. That and the sidewalk washers. Alas, we may be closer to a War of the Worlds than I originally thought... LOL!