Monday, May 21, 2012

When it rains...

Yesterday evening there was a mighty downpour.

There was lightening and thunder and it bucketed out there.  As the rain slowed a bit, I opened the doors to the outside world and shot a short bit of video.

It was impressive to watch as water poured off the Eiffel Tower.  The light in it's girders lit the torrents of water.

The rain had been strong off and on most of the late afternoon.  At one point my wife and I watched as Mother Nature cleaned Paris' sidewalks.  The water carried away all manner of detritus and filth.  The drain at the base of our street seemed to be functioning properly as it we could see it consume a two foot wide stream of water.

This morning I woke up, had a breakfast, and downloaded the videos from last night.  I thought I'd only be able to get things arranged in my file system and that I would need to set it all aside to work on later.

Yet the video came together very quickly.  While there is nothing fancy about it, the scenes do a pretty good job of capturing what it was like to watch rain fall over this fine city. You might want to watch it in full 1080HD or 720HD to see the water clearly cascading over and down that massive structure.

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