Friday, March 2, 2012

... what we are going to...

I have said a lot about how broken the US capitalist system is. I have said a few things about how I see the systems failing the citizens of that country. I have strong feelings about how self-absorbed people appear to be and how they prey upon one another without realizing or being concerned about the people who actually placed them into the positions they now find themselves in.

I had hope when the fine people of New Jersey surrounded the Citibank CEO's home for several weeks to remind him of who he really should have been working for. I had hope that the Occupy Movement would spark a strong and appropriate counter-movement to the Racist Religious Right's Tea Party. Alas, far too many people have been lulled to sleep. They still shop at Walmart. They still eat at McDonald's. They still believe things that are unprovable. They still vote against their own best interests.

It's just sad.

I realize there will never be any "nirvana" in this life, except for the peace we find within ourselves (once you get your chattering mind out of the way and just experience life and living). Yet, a person needs to live somewhere. For my wife and I, that "somewhere" will very shortly be Paris, France.

Here is a short video of images I took during our Fall 2011 visit to that fair city. The music comes from a recording I made in the church of Saint Eustache. They hold an organ concert for free on Sunday evenings at 17:30h.

Perhaps a person will see why we would like to try living in Paris? :-)


  1. Read about your blog on the live-in-france group. Wish you the best, do prepare yourself for the expenses of Paris life. We lived their 18 months, and were surprised at how expensive just living was. Blessings, Jason

  2. Hi. Enjoyed your video and the rant. I live in France (the Limousin) and work in Asia - it's quite a commute. I left the US long ago but won't go back for many of the same reasons you mentioned. Would love to talk once you get settled in Paris. I'm in the Yahoo Live in France group. Bon voyage!