Friday, March 16, 2012

... reading into natural events...

When my wife and I were in Paris in the Fall 2010 and as we were coming to the end of our visit we watched as a stunning rainbow formed over Pont Marie. We laughed and said that Paris was bidding us a fond adieu.

Rainbow over Pont Marie

A year and a half later, as we are preparing to leave the US to live in Paris, it seems the city we live in is bidding us a fond adieu, too.

My wife had started the home fires just as the sun started to rise. She dropped the shades in her art room and came to get me out of bed. I HAD to see this, she said.

It was quite the sight. Here was an enormous double rainbow, set against the early morning rain-filled sky.

Double Rainbow ~ Sunrise

We took the event as a sign that things were well in motion and that would would be successful in making the jump to Europe.

My father and I have been talking about how humans build stories that explain the world to ourselves, and that stories, descriptions, musing, really have no basis in reality. Events simply occur. Humans are left to interpret, discuss, and provide judgement and meaning.

Building stories of the world around us helps humans feel comfortable with what's happening to us.

I like the stories that Paris and then our US city were saying "good bye". Indeed, it helps me feel settled and happy about the fantastic decisions we are making. Even as I realize my stories are based on nothing but what I'm thinking or feeling.

Strange, isn't it?

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