Monday, January 16, 2012

Political Reasoning

When the US Supreme Court declared George W. Bush the victor in the 2002 elections, I became worried. I was concerned that the US was suddenly no longer a democracy. I worried that entitled interests could place into power whom so ever they chose and damn the citizenry! I worried that the Supreme Court was irreversibly politicized to the far Right. I had forgotten that the USA is not a democracy, rather, it is a republic.

Reims Graff

What I didn't see coming were two disastrous occupations of foreign nations, the legalization of spying on US citizens, the revocation of Habius Corpus, the signing into law legislation that enabled a huge mortgage bubble, and the emptying of public coffers in the 11th hour of George's Presidency as a means of refilling the bank vaults after they experienced stupid, self-initiated economy faltering losses. I hadn't foreseen the successful implementation of the privatization of corporate profits and socialization of corporate losses. Nor had I foreseen the realization of a long-time rich man's dream where the top 1% “own” 90% of everything available in the US.

It was difficult to sit through two election cycles where serious substantive questions were raised regarding the legitimacy of power taken by George W. Bush and his fellow elites. I swore I would move away from the US. Alas, I felt it important to remain here and participate in creating a different way of being and engaging culture and society. I wanted to create beauty in the face of persistent ugliness.

Hope is an ephemeral thing.

des voiture de Paris

With the election of Barack Obama in 2008, I had hope that the precepts of the Magna Carta would be returned to US law and the Bush law revoking the right to fair representation and the right to be held innocent until proven guilty would be overturned. I had hope that the US would pull back from two long, costly occupations, close the Geneva Convention countering Guantanamo Bay prison and would turn it's attention to repairing a very long list of wrongs.

Hindsight and wishful thinking have proved me wrong. Again.

Notre Dame

Obama insisted on legislation that allowed the US Military to detain US citizens with no rights of any kind for as long as they chose . This worsened anything George the Dumber and a Republican Congress were able to force upon the American people.

My wife recently asked a very good question: Would we be smart enough to know when it was time to leave?

It is easy to rail against an unjust system of politics. It is easy to see how the rich 1% exploit the 99%. It is easy to be angry that the 99% do not stand up for themselves, rather, continually vote against their own self interests. It is sad to know we are leaving one of the most progressive cities in the USA. It is deeply moving that now is the time to act on our ideals, our concerns, and the movement of our hearts desires.

It's time to leave before someone closes the gates.

Les animaux sauvages faire des courses

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