Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Eating in Bordeaux

Jude and I went to Bordeaux.  It's been on our list of Things To Do After Moving To France for going on six years.  And we were looking for a way to celebrate our 25th year together.  What could be more romantic than a pretty city, good food, and world renown wine?

Bordeaux ~ 2018
The tram from the gare to our hotel

Paris to Bordeaux takes two hours by TGV.  We couldn't believe how quick the trip is.  From Gare St Jean to our hotel was an easy 20 minute tram ride further.

We settled on a place to eat and were shocked to realize that their food was microwaved.  I expect something like this in Paris where too much food is pre-prepared out at Rungis, but in Bordeaux?  Surely this couldn't be true, could it?  But there it was.  And the wine wasn't worth the price, either.  Stung, we vowed to avoid eateries around the Cathedral.  None of the places we looked in on smelled like they had a real kitchen, either.

Retreating to our hotel room Jude did a bit more research to see if we couldn't find somewhere better.  Sure enough, the next day we had lunch at a fine place called La P'tit Brasserie.  It's located at 127 rue Georges Bonnac.

Bordeaux ~ 2018
Lunch at La P'tit Brasserie

The wait staff are very friendly and the kitchen was the real thing.  It was such a vast improvement over dinner the prior day that it nearly brought tears of joy to our eyes.  The food and the flavors and the wines and the people were all wonderful.

Bordeaux ~ 2018
Dinner at La P'tit Brasserie

Prior to leaving Paris, Jude's art teacher had given her a recommendation for a place he liked to go to in Bordeaux when he visits.  We have heard but couldn't confirm on this visit that more artists can afford to live in the area than can in Paris (which tends to be rather expensive by European standards).

The only wrinkle was that the art teacher's favored resto was Italian.  Who goes to Bordeaux to eat Italian food?  Oh, woe to ye of such little faith.

Bordeaux ~ 2018
Lunch at Pizzeria Peppone

The Pizzeria Peppone is an absolute gas!  It's located at 31 Cours Georges Clemenceau.

Here, too, one can look straight into the kitchen to confirm it's the Real Thing.  The staff are quick and efficient.  The food, oh, the Italian food... words escape me...

Then there is the cave.  Below where we ate rests bottles and bottles of Italian wines lit by candles and attended by statues of the Greats of the Catholic Church.  It's just wonderful.

Bordeaux ~ 2018
Where the business is managed

I explored the cave a little when I went to take a leak.  When I came up and suggested to Jude that she too needed to descend into the cave to have a look around.  And, oh, by the way, if you find a Vin Santo that calls to you, please bring it up and we'll pay for it when we pay for our lunch.

Bless her fuzzy little heart.  Jude brought up not only a good looking bottle of Vin Santo, but also a really nice Valpolicella, too.  Did I mention that we're headed to Rome and Florence in late September?  We travel on our stomachs and this little place in Bordeaux reminds us of why we like Italy nearly as much as we like France.

Bordeaux ~ 2018
The cave... oh... the cave...

There is one more place on our original list of Must Do Things.  After that, we may be back to Bordeaux.  Even if it's nothing more than to take another lunch or two.

Bordeaux ~ 2018
In the cave of Sainted Italian Vino

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