Saturday, January 4, 2014

Paris activities ~ 2014

When we lived in the US, our city played host to all kinds of wild and wonderful parades, festivals, and artistic activities.  Moving to Paris I learned that I would have to dig a little deeper to find a similar level of creativity.

This is my short list of must do things for 2014.  Yes, it is slanted to photo-opportunities.  But make no mistake, each event or venue is great to show up to without a camera.  I think nearly the entire world but us has a cell-phone camera and software to process and share the experiences with if they chose to.

Year round -
  • La Rotonde de Longueville ~ steam locomotives.  Lots of them.  Some working.  Some not.
  • Catacombs ~ the remains of millions of Parisians.  Take your own flashlight for the darker, creepier areas.
12 January -
5 to 9 February -
  • Retromobile ~ Old cars, motorcycles, and motor memorabilia at la porte de Versailles.
2 March -
30 March -
  • Carnival of Women ~ Men and women dressed up as royalty, queens, and other femininity.
2 to 6 July -
  • Japan Expo 2014 ~ Anime, Manga, Cosplay, Lolita.  It's how France's youth "puts on the dog."

I'll be attending as many of these as I can.

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