Friday, July 26, 2013

... oh, what a July!

A friend mentioned nothing had been posted here for a while (a month, actually).  He thought perhaps things had settled down here for us.

No.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Here's the July we've had -

4-6 July - Close frriends are visiting from the States.  He and I have known each other for going on 26 years.  He was, in fact, the Protestant Church Stunt Model for Jesus.  You know the kind.  Strong.  Tall.  Red of long hair.  Celtic of strong featured look.  So when they arrive, I'm slightly shocked to see he's since stepped aside as the Jesus stand-in.  It had been a year and a half since we'd seen each-other.  Gods! we missed them.

7 July - I visit the Japan Expo 2013 to make some photographs of models, expo attendees, and a real honest to the gods fashion runway show/defile.  It was a LONG, HOT day, but I came away with hundreds of photos and the chance to fulfill a life-long dream of playing photographer to a clothing designer's defile.  It felt like I made new friends in the equipe Grafik et Grafok.  Many many thanks! to Celine for making all this possible.

8 July - We meet more new friends over drinks to talk about a photoshoot with France's best Steampunk band, Victor Sierra.  Funny thing, we moved here to "get away" and they have the idea of moving to NY to "get away."  Quel petit monde!

10 July - We have the photoshoot.  It lasts from mid-morning and runs into the early afternoon.  We head home dog tired (see 7 July, for example), but very happy with the results.  Indeed, we have met and forged a friendship with three wonderfully talented people.

12 July - We meet the Director of the Visual Arts program from a local Anglophone organization.  More drinks.  Long conversation.  Good times.

13-16 July - Our State-side friends are back in town from their week-long stay in the south of France.  Tanned, healthy, and ready to see a few more things in Paris, we head out each day to take in what _has_ to be taken in.  Our former Protestant Church Jesus Stunt Model and their daughter tell stories of swimming in the warm waters of the Mediterranean until 10pm at night.  We spend the All Too Fast Days together and part in tears as they headed back to the States.  Friendships of duration.  Gods! we miss them already.

17 July - Thus begins Europe's 2013 OMG! IT'S HOT OUT weather conditions.  Hottest summer in 7 years.

18 July - Picture Hanging Day, as our aquarelle is ready from the conservator's.  They did a WONDERFUL job and it gets hung on our wall next to an old oil painting.  Jude says it finally feels like we're "home."  Indeed, we are.

19 July - I head over to la Bastille area to visit two Steampunk friends.  Beer.  Beer.  Yet more beer!  A fun afternoon sitting in a sidewalk cafe talking politics, philosophy, and steam.  Plans are tentatively made for a photoshoot.  It's HOT!!!, but the beer is chilled.

21 July - Out of Paris by non-airconditioned RER "A" line to attend a BBQ with our new-found Steampunk band friends.  It's KILLER HOT!!! out, but the company is wonderfully cooling.  These are fun people to be with.

23 July - Awoken at 4:30am in the morning to the delightfully Nordic Sounds of Thor's Own Thunder!  Jude and I find ourselves startled awake and nearly 3 feet in the air over the bed.  That Thunder Clap is LOUD!!  I think the Northmen want to remind the Gauls who's gods rule the weather system.  It remains HOT!!!

24 July - Aperos with our proprietress and her recently surgery'd husband.  He's laid up for at least three weeks and requires medical attention.  It's the kind of medical attention that only crisps, cookies, chocolate, beer, and two cigars can provide.  We need to take him some American music.  He's terminally bored.  And it's still MEGA-KILLER HOT!!! out.

25 July - I head over to the local rugby bar where the English sport is celebrated by staffing the place with French-only speaking waiters.  More beer with the Director of the Visual Arts program, and still another friend who is turning out to be a right nice Brit-type.  Cricket! he says!!  Ooph.  The heat, say's I.

28 July - la traversee de Paris (Summer Edition) runs, again, through place Vendome.  It's there I need to be to capture photos of seriously old, fast, fun voiture.  We shall see if the 2013 European Heat Wave ends that day.

Someone once told me that we'd be busier in retirement than any time when we were Working Stiffs.  I didn't believe them.  Until now, that is.