Wednesday, April 24, 2013

More friends...

No sooner did I write the last entry in the hours after we bid Kitty and her friends a fond adieu, and no sooner had Jude and I fallen into a post-party-funk than la telephone a sonne.

Paris, France

Hello?  Qui est-ce??  Ah!  Notre amis qui viennent de Bretagne!!

Our Landing In France apartment owners were in town and invited us to lunch the next day.

Boy!  That was fast.  Our Dance Card remained full.  Hard to believe, isn't it?  No?  Well, it was to us, anyway.

Paris, France

We met them down in the 11th and walk up the street to a restaurant they knew.  They said the prices were good and that it was actually fairly quiet.

True to their words, the place was, well, actually it was better than first advertised.  It was an old converted home supply store.  It rose four levels on old iron pillars and rivets.  It was a turn of the (prior) century work of art.  And they host Latin dancing six or seven nights a week.

Of course, our friends Evelyn et Gilbert were wonderful.  Every time we get together we seem to talk for hours and laugh and share interesting stories.  This time was no different.

Paris, France

We plotted and planned.  It seems that Jude and I have a trip to make and that it'll need to be out to Bretagne to see them and to visit the surrounding countryside and coast.  We can't wait!

It's good to make friends with people our age.  This particularly so far from what we knew and where we used to live.  It feels great.


  1. Beautiful pictures. I love the textures and the colors.

    1. Thank you, Debi.

      I'm not sure how I stumbled onto this, but I was pursuing an early Polaroid 8x10 print approach and was hoping to "nail" the effect.