Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sharing Paradise

We've had our first visitor and we've not been here seven weeks.  How wonderful was it?  Very!

With luck, we'll actually have visitors while living here.  We had very few visitors to our home when we lived in the States.  So this could be a very nice change.

A neighbor was in France on an EcoTour helping scientists monitor the marmot populations somewhere in the Alps.  She had booked the tour just as I lost my job and Jude and I started down this very quick, intense, life changing experience of leaving the country.  In fact, we remember remarking to each other that "wouldn't it be nice to be able to meet in Paris?"

Kiki la mew by Carol Opie

 Jude's new coffee cup

Our neighbor is excellent with animals and is an outstanding artist.  She worked in zoos until a Lemur took hold of one of her fingers and caused a bit of Madness and Mayhem in our neighbor's life.  We got to know her because she has the World's Greatest Dog.  I used to own a pug and her's is simply the finest living example of pug-ness known to man.

Our friend spent two weeks in the Alps and had three days to see Paris.

Fortunately, her list of things to see and do was as eccentric and fun as ours typically is.

I tried to find an artists open air market somewhere in Paris that included ceramics.  But, the mojo was missing and I couldn't find what I was looking for.

vrbain on canvas

 Fun art, this.

So imagine my surprise when she walked in and said she wanted to go to an open air art fair at Montparnasse Edgar Quinet!  I had no idea such a thing existed.  Yes, I'd read Vallois and even read her passage on the 14th.  Could I remember a thing Vallois wrote?  Apparently not.  Could I use "the Force" and Google to the thing we wanted?  I'm embarrassed to say no.

Wandering the market was fun, cold, and windy.  The art was all original work.  Some of it was quite attractive.  There were two haberdashers with fun hats for women.  Nothing for men.  Unfortunately, since I like hats and am currently looking for a properly adorned top hat.

Our neighbor found a stall where the artist, a retired German graphic artist of some renown, plied his trade.  Among several different styles, the artist put art to used Metro tickets.  His work was a wonderment to behold.  Both our friend and my wife bought things from him.

vrbain avec une nouvelle amie

Yes!  It's an open air art market!!

Down the aisle a little ways was vrbain with his fun, funky, awesome, graffiti-eque art.  Between his broken English and our broken French we learned a lot and enjoyed a fairly long conversation.  His art was right up our alley.  Our neighbor found several pieces she liked and purchased them.

I may have found an interesting person to photograph.

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