Monday, May 7, 2012

What to dream?

Just this morning, good friend and colleague forwarded a link to a WONDERFUL cartoon.  I love it! as it completely expresses what I feel about work and education and our places in US culture and society.

You see, Don and I come from engineering backgrounds (as do many of my friends and former colleagues) and we think like down to earth, practical yet creative engineers.

When I was young, my brothers would play as policemen and firemen.  I used to dream of building a rocket ship and flying to the moon.

It helped that my father worked in aerospace and, quite literally, helped build rocket ships as part of the moon program.  Those were heady days.  Exploration beyond Earth was actively pursued in addition to the effort to put a man on our nearest celestial orb.

I have decried the soul killing violence with which American business is being conducted.

Yet, if I can find a way to step out of that system of corporate violence, I see I have time to once again dream.  For me, it's always been "the bigger the dream the better."  We are, after all, creative beings, are we not?

So it is in this spirit that I read the cartoon Don sent me.  It arrived, quite literally, on the heals of my reading "Petit Nicholas" (Sempe-Goscinny) where Nicholas' dreams are manifest.  The coincidence was not lost on me.

I absolutely love it.

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