Thursday, April 26, 2012

A nice way to spend time...

On our flight over from the States we learned of something called a cafe arose and I knew I had to try it.

Backing up a bit in time to last September, my wife and I visited the cemetery at Montparnasse.  We were just inside the gates and started working our way down the line of graves when I heard a group of nuns bustling their way between the grave stones, apparently intent getting somewhere quickly.  I heard the lead nun call out "suck it in, girls!"

I laughed and shouted over to her that that was the best thing I'd heard all week.  They all laughed and waved.

Montparnasse Cemetery

A little while later, the same group of nuns came down the wide path to where we were standing.  The conversation was great and we learned that the Addams family grave site wasn't 100 feet off.  That's where they'd been to place a photo from the original TV show.

We also learned that sœur Rosalie was their founding sister and that she was buried in the same cemetery.  She is known to help people if you left a note at her grave site.  So we did this, with our intention listed on the back of a business card I just happened to have.

Six months later, my wife and I now live in Paris.

We needed to thank sister Rosalie and so, today, we went to the Montparnasse cemetery.  We left another business card with our thanks written on the back.  It was a moving experience, no matter what a person "believes".  Our original request was still there.  So I placed our thank you on top of the old weathered card.

Cafe arose'

After a little photography around the cemetery, we headed over to a cafe to try our hand at an afternoon cuppa.  My wife had a decaf cafe allonge and I had a decaf cafe arose.  No, we can't handle the caffeine in the afternoon.  We can handle a wee-dram, however, but only if it's the right stuff.

We have discovered a rather proper mid-afternoon relief.  Coffee.  Calvados.  Mixed.  Yum.

I wonder if this is what the French mean when they say they're "killing the worm?"

I think I'm beginning to look forward to tomorrow's adventure.

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