Friday, March 30, 2012

Moving Day

As our departure date approaches, and the insanity of packing and slimming the small pile of things we own ever further toward nothing, comes some rather interesting news.

Passy Cemetery - Madonna

My wife has felt for a long time that she has French blood running through her veins. Somewhere deep inside she's felt a connection with the country we're headed to. Alas, there has been no proof nor hint at this possibility.

Her daughter called her recently with a story to tell.

She'd made a pot of de-caf coffee late one recent evening only to realize far too late that it was actually fully-leaded and not de-caf.

Passy Cemetery - Jesus vs the Grapes

Unable to sleep, she went out onto the internet to do a bit of research into her family's history. Following through her mother's and grandmother's line, she learned that the Ekley of Montana and Virginia line descended thru the Giffords of Devon, England. The Giffords, in turn, came from, well, how could we not guess?, Normandy.

Looking at the predecessors of the Giffords, it appears there is a link through that line all the way back to 742 and Charlemagne.

If this is true, then my wife may very well be "going home", back to live in France.

Who would've guessed?

Passy Cemetery - In Memory Of...

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