Friday, February 10, 2012


Well, that was fast.

Our house sold in just 7 days. In this market? Well, we must've been under-priced. By a LOT. Still, it meets our financial goals so everything works out.

All that's left to do now is...

  • Fill out our applications for long stay visas
  • Confirm our apartment in Paris (which is looking quite nice, actually)
  • Buy health insurance
  • Buy one-way airline tickets
  • Collect our financial information
  • Sign letters saying we will not work while living in France
  • Fly to San Francisco to submit our applications in person
  • Say goodbye to my wife's daughter and my brother and sister in law
  • Buy a long term storage location
  • Close on the house
  • Manage the money so we can live overseas
  • Drive to the south coast to say goodbye to my father and younger brother
  • Move the few things we'll keep into aforementioned storage location
  • Sell or give away everything else that needs to find a new home
  • Pack and ship the few pieces of art and tools we like and need
  • Land in Paris
  • Perform a walk-through of the apartment with the owners so we can all confirm it's current condition
  • Submit our request to be seen by the immigration doctors
  • Wait for our long stay visa sticker
  • Start the search for a long term apartment (something closer to what we can afford forever)
  • Receive our long stay visa sticker for our passports
  • Move to the new apartment before Bastille Day
  • Unpack (again) and settle in
  • Integrate into French culture and society
  • Live like we're actually fully retired. Finally. After 30 years of work.

That's all that's left to be done. Really not much, eh?

Have I mentioned how tired I am just thinking about it? Have I also mentioned just how exciting it is to actually begin a new life in such an amazing city?

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  1. Chris! Just found your blog through Google+ and didn't even know your house sold! Why doesn't the sign say so? Lots been going on just across the street. ;-) Add 'goodbye party with the neighbors' to your list and let's get a date on the books!